Mobilní přívěsy - Project „PolarX“

We are able to design any tailor made/customized trailer. The set of containers produced for film-makers shooting in extreme conditions beyond the Arctic circle on the norwegian Svalbard is an obvious example.

5 different container solutions were designed and produced for this project: 3 accommodation solutions, a catering/lounge solution and a workshop unit. All designed with high level of comfort and hygiene, constructed to resist temperatures down to -45°C and other harsh weather conditions typical for these islands.

Technical equippment:

  • The units has electrical floor heating for high comfort and to avoid freezing during hauling they have an additional Eberspächer diesel heater installed. The built-in gas tank is also included.
  • There are fresh water tanks (with water pumps) and waste water tanks for sinks, showers and toilets in the units. The toilets Cinderella work on the basis of electrical combustion. 
  • The work shop has a rear ramp, a portal crane and a chain hoist for easy maintenance of snow mobiles. There is also a snow/ice melting unit and a main water tank in this unit.
  • All the sledges for this project were delivered from the German company Lehmann-UMT -

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